What To Expect In Nutrition Counseling

First Office Visit  $200
At your initial face to face consultation with Dr. Shaw, an experienced Pittsburgh Nutrition Counselor, you will go through a complete medical history and exam, followed by exploration of your health related goals and concerns. Blood work and diagnostic tests will be ordered at this visit. Focus is placed on answering:

What is your diagnosis?
Can you be helped?
How long will it take?
How much will it cost?
How much improvement should you expect?

Treatment Plan  $300
After all of your information has been gathered (history, exam, and in some cases blood work or other lab tests), an office visit will be scheduled to outline your treatment plan. This second visit is designed to educate you on your health and specific disease risks. It consists of a detailed discussion on what the right diet is for you and how that diet change coupled with nutritional intervention will correct your health concerns and change your life positively.

Nutrition Counseling Service Fees
– First Visit (medical history and exam) $200 / Treatment Plan Visit: $300 / Follow Up Visits: $75
– Accepted methods of payment – cash, personal check and major credit cards (excluding American Express)

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Insurance
Many patients have questions regarding insurance and HSA plans for nutritional counseling, supplements and lab tests. Click to learn more.