Pittsburgh Area Nutritionist

Dr. Shaw is an established Certified Clinical Nutritionist who has been helping patients achieve their health goals for 20 years. While Dr. Shaw treats patients for a variety of conditions (including insomnia, IBS, allergies, cancer, thyroid, lyme disease, auto immune disease etc.), the number one reason a patient presents to a nutritionist is for weight loss.

It is important to understand that there are hundreds of different approaches to losing weight. Not all people need the same weight loss / diet plan and this can add to the confusion and frustration in attempting to lose the weight for good. Dr. Shaw works with patients to understand and directly address the source of the weight gain. By taking this approach, successful weight loss can be achieved and sustained.

Directions From the City of Pittsburgh, PA

Follow Route 279 North and merge onto 79 North. Follow Route 79 North to the Mars/Cranberry Exit (route 228) At the stop light of the exit turn right on Rte 228. Stay straight on Route 228 Road for 1 mile.Turn right at the stop light on Castle Creek Drive (Sunoco Station on the corner). Pass The Sunoco station and Signature Plaza. Immediately after Signature Plaza turn right on the road at the Phoenix Plaza sign. This road will wrap around to the left in front of the office.

Office Address

Dr. Conan Shaw
667 Castle Creek Drive
Seven Fields, PA 16046
Phone: 724-778-3000 / FAX: (724) 591-8998
[email protected]