What Is A Clinical Nutritionist?

A Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist acts as a natural P.C.P, sometimes working with your MD to improve your body’s ability to heal. This Naturopathic Approach decreases the need for Medications that can complicate your health. Functional Medicine, Certified Clinical Nutritionists use specific Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs coupled with individual diet changes to optimize the function of your body. Searching for the cause of disease and treating the root of the problem is of primary focus. We consider food to be your medicine and the proper diet to be the foundation from which we can launch a successful healing program.

The clinical aspect of Dr. Shaws’ Functional Medicine approach leans away from “one size fits all” guesswork and takes the diagnostic direction to provide specific answers as to why you feel the way you feel. Once we know why, then we know how to correct the root of the problem. From that corrected place of biochemical balance, your body can heal its self the way it was designed.

In Dr. Shaw’s practice, he treats adults and children over the age of 18.

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