What We Don’t Treat

We are not a primary care practice. Dr. Shaw’s background is in Clinical Nutrition with a focus on Functional Medicine. His strength lies in applying peer-reviewed & accepted nutritional methods to complex chronic health problems for correction. Dr. Shaw may complement but cannot and will not replace your current primary care physician.

Most of the patients he sees already have a primary care physician. If you do not, he may advise that you establish a relationship with a physician whose practice is able to meet primary care needs for conditions that are well-defined and whose treatment methods are well established.

For minor acute or urgent care needs, you should work through your source of primary care. For emergencies, get yourself to the nearest emergency room or dial 911.

With late-stage heart, lung, liver, kidney, or neurological disease, our conventional health care system offers the high-level skills that you need and you will be referred to the appropriate specialty.

Over 90% of our practice is referred to us by word of mouth. Some schedule a visit as a result of something they learned on our website. Others get referrals from local health professionals and friends or family.

In almost all cases, our new patients already know about what we treat and what makes us different. We welcome our new patients and look forward to serving your healthcare needs.